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Oud 13 juli 2010, 09:46
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Standaard Re: Advies voor mijn CV en sollicitaties?

Hier is het eerste concept van mijn sollicitatie brief. Er valt vast nog genoeg aan te verbeteren en het kan mischien wat lang zijn maar ik weet niet goed waar de brief het beste is in te korten.

Hello sir/madam,

In my search for game developers in the Netherlands I found out that Isotx is starting up an establishment in Utrecht.
The company is a new name to me, but thinking outside the box is precisely my way of thinking and I do share that passion for games.
The style that seems to be used for the Iron Grip games does appeal to me, it seems to stand out.

Therefore I would like to inquire about which job openings are available at the new Utrecht establishment.

My talents lay in the creative department. I have been busy developing and writing stories on a personal basis since my early teens, starting with short comics including many characters which made it into the school newspaper at the time. Over time I started to work on deeper stories, unique settings, and complex personalities, which I am still doing in my free time.

I am working on a trilogy for around seven years now.
It is a personal project that I develop in my free time, the scope is quite huge, and I like to put a lot of thought into it. The setting is unique, and most of the work goes into creating the lore. The story itself and the most prominent characters in the story are pretty much fleshed out, but nothing is set in stone untill I am done with the lore, at which point I will start to write the full story down. All the prominent characters are developed far enough that they could very much be capable of carrying an entire story of their own.

Aside from this story I have a lot of work that I would wish to share and use, and there are always more ideas to persue. When working in a team of like minded writers, the results could be nothing short of amazing, and I can guarantee that I would do my part to the best of my ability and help others out as much as I can as well.


Willem V
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