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Standaard Re: Engelse sollicitatiebrief: commentaar graag

Hoi Saraah,

Heb vooral gekeken naar je taalgebruik in de brief. Ik vind dat over het algemeen goed en het is helder wat je wil.
Toch heb ik ook wat feedback voor je, dat ik heb aangegeven in de brief zelf.

Dear Mrs. Scheep

After our conversation on Tuesday 29 September about the trainee programme XXXX
at Oilcompany Y, I wish to apply for this trainee programme.

Your company has caughtmy attention because of the opportunity of on the job training,the possibility to acquire international positions, the possibility ofprofessional development and agood work life balance. I believe that my education, international experience, and career interest align with your requirements.

I worked for Service Company X as a service engineer in the Domestic & Material department. I learned to work with high technical drilling tools in a high work pressure environment. The most important thing that I learned here is, how to get the best out of my team and myself in unfamiliar environments with many uncertainties and use my creativity to solve issues efficiently. I enjoyed working at Company X. I would like to use myexperience to continue my career in Oilcompany Y.

During my in Master Chemical Engineering at the Chemical Science Faculty at the Delft University of Technology, I worked with students from all over the globe. I enjoy working with people with different backgrounds because this gives different perspectives on solutions and enlarges my cultural knowledge. Throughout my studiesI have travelled and acquired experience abroad. I did my Bachelor internship at Oil Company Sarawaka B.V. in Borneo. In 2006 I studied at the University of Newport at Simpsonville for a whole semester at the Chemical Engineering Department. Enclosed is a copy of my resumé, which more fully details my qualifications for the position. with more elaborate details OF which includes more details considering

I would welcome the opportunity to visit Oilcompany Y to discuss the possibilities for this trainee position. I feel that my education and experience make me a well qualified personfor your company.

I hope to hear from you soon.
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