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Standaard Motivatiebrief traineeship (Engels)

Beste mensen,

Hierbij een engelse motivatiebrief ter verbetering. Alle commentaar is welkom. De brief is in het engels geschreven omdat de vacature ook in het engels is
. Bedankt voor de moeite!

Dear Recruiter,

What person with a passion for marketing and a global mindset wouldn’t want to bring ambition and talent to a worldwide producer of fast-moving consumer goods, like xxx? With enthusiasm I am applying for the marketing management trainee position (xxxx) as advertised at the xxxxx website.

My strong academic record in International Business and Languages and Communication and Information Sciences, will allow me to contribute to xxxx as a future leader in Marketing. The focus of my thesis I wrote for my last study, the influence of print ads on the complexity, appreciation and buying interest, shows that I not only have a passion for marketing but also for fast-moving consumer goods.

A global mindset, required for the marketing management traineeship, I obtained through studying, working and travelling abroad. During my first study I studied a semester in France and I fulfilled an internship at xxxxxx in Luxembourg. Short after my second study I travelled through South America. Last year I have been working as a dive instructor in Colombia.

Besides further improving my language and communication skills in my most recent experience I daily worked in a team, led boat excursions and took responsibility for people. Together with my experience as a communication advisor, a profession where owning an external focus is essential, I am confident that xxxx and I can be extremely meaningful for each other.

I am convinced that an exchange of information would be of mutual interest and benefit. Please review my background and allow me the opportunity to qualify my belief that I have the requirements and capacity for making important contributions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,
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