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Standaard Motivatiebrief engels

Ik heb voor mijn studie een motivatiebrief gemaakt. Mijn studie is Engels dus moet ook een Engelse motivatiebrief alleen ze letten dus heel erg op je engels (logisch). Ik wil daarom ook geen fouten in me brief. Wil iemand mijn Engels controleren? Alvast heel erg bedankt !!!

(mijn gegevens)

xxxxx, 29 april 2013

Subject line: Application IMEM

Dear Sir/Madame,

The reason for writing this letter is because I am interested in the study International Media and Entertainment management.

My name is Cynthia xxxx and I am sixteen years old. Right now I am in the 5th year of higher general secondary education with the profile Economy & Society. My subjects are Dutch, English, Management & Organization, History, Biology, Math and Economics. I do not think school was hard. A lot of studying of course, but I can handle it.

I demand a lot of myself so I am determined to pass with a seven as my final grade. This is mostly because people stimulate me to get better. When people want something and really go for it, they also have influence on me. There is something about their determination that makes me want to say: I want to have a goal. Then the thinking started, what do I want to do with my life? I never really thought about it. Of course, there were those moments when you thought: Why can I not choose between all these jobs and studies? I hated it though. Not knowing what I wanted to do. I did a lot of research about studies and the school. I also went to a lot of open days. In the beginning it did not help because after everything I still did not know it. I just did not have that ‘wow’ feeling. Then the talking came, because I realized I could not do it myself and asked for help. The careers counselor and I made a list of things I liked and one of the studies that came out was International Media and Entertainment management. At first sight I never heard about it. Then I went to the open day of NHTV and then I knew it. I want this. I finally had that ‘wow’ feeling. That is what caught me. To make sure it was not temporarily I went to the orientation day of IMEM and again to the open day. I was right, it was not temporarily.

IMEM requires a lot of creativity and another way of thinking. Thinking out of the box. Also IMEM is like this large basic.
You have the knowledge about marketing about financing and it’s also a real creative study so you will learn things like working with Photoshop but in the end it’s aimed at management. I want to have that knowledge.

My drive for this study is the knowledge. I want to learn. I want to get better and better and keep learning. Especially about things I like. But the big question is, does this study really fits me? I really do love being creative and being in this whole fantasy world of mine. Visualizing every detail and wanting so badly to let it become reality. This might be the production/concept part. I also love being in control. Even though there’s a lot in my life I can’t control. I want to have control over the things I do. Knowing why I do things, when and how. I want to make sure every move I make is calculated but I also want to find the balance between following your heart and your mind. So my answer is yes, I think this study fits me.

I hope this letter convinced you of my motivation and I appreciate your time and effort and would like to thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,
Cynthia xxxx
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