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Oud 19 september 2007, 10:48
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Standaard Open sollicitatie bij Porsche (in het Engels)

Graag jullie mening.

Dear Mr. XXX,

After seeing the movie Bad Boys (1995) I fell in love with the Porsche 911 Turbo. It was and still is a dream to possess that car, but it is even better to be part of this legend. Therefore I am applying for a function within the Porsche group. Hereby I will clarify that I am an appropriate candidate, not only because of my great enthusiasm, but also due to my technical skills.

At this moment I am completing my study Aerospace Engineering at DaimlerChrysler. At DC I am working on my Master Thesis; the goal is to establish a cost efficient and quality assured post treatment process for small series laser sintered components. This research will be finished in December 2007 and I will obtain the M.Sc. degree.

During my study I specialized in Aerospace Structures, which is based on lightweight construction, optimization and structural analysis. For a complete list of my specialization see page 4 of the enclosed ‘Course Record’. Due to my main specialization I possess over an advanced analytical thinking competency. During my studies I also participated in many designing projects, in which I performed the task of the project leader. These activities contributed to experience in designing and managing.

Last year I performed my internship at General Electric Plastic, where my task was to investigate the appliance of composites in public transportation vehicles. Although using composites lead to enormous weight savings, several structural problems had to be solved.

At GE I combined analytical thinking competency for the first time with my management skills in ‘real’ life. That was a very interesting and satisfying experience, I enjoyed being responsible and to perform under pressure. During this project I got to know myself and I decided that I want to be active in a sector where I can combine my ‘researcher’ personality with my management skills. And during my activities at DC I noticed that the automobile industry can fulfil this desire.

It is clear that I am capable to operate in a wide range of areas within Porsche, like body, power train, chassis, suspension and design. I prefer to work on a project which contains variety, for example optimizing a device behind your desk and than execute this with a hammer and screwdriver.

Due to my specialization and study-related working experience I am a good candidate for a position within Porsche. Secondary I have gathered lot knowledge within the automobile industry during my study, which makes me a young (for German standards) and an experienced graduated.

Therefore I propose to clarify obscurities, answer possible questions and discuss the possibilities during a personal interview. During this personal interview you can also observe my communicative skills and get familiar with my colourful character.

I hereby want to thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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