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Oud 18 januari 2018, 22:09
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Standaard Motivatiebrief Study Abroad Mexico

Hoi allemaal,

Ik mag in mijn 3e jaar van mijn HBO studie in het buitenland studeren en nou moet ik een motivatiebrief schrijven. De brief is gericht aan mijn hogeschool, maar zal ook door de universiteit van mijn eerste keuze gelezen kunnen worden. Omdat dit een populaire keuze is, is de motivatiebrief een heel belangrijk onderdeel van de selectieprocedure. Vandaar mijn vraag of jullie mij kunnen helpen!

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is Kim, 25 years old, and I am a Tourism Management student at the InHolland University of xxx. At the moment of writing, I'm in the second year of my bachelor. I would like to study abroad for one semester during my third year. In this letter I will explain who I am and why I want to study abroad at the CETYS University of Mexico.

I am a sports-minded person and I love (who loves?) swimming, scuba-diving, surfing, snowboarding, hiking and sports in general. Since I was 16 years old I have been giving swimming lessons to children and I have been a voluntary lifeguard at events and in the summer at the beach . Furthermore, I have been working since I was 15 years old and the last four years I have been working as a Lifeguard at xxx.

Besides sports I really enjoy to travel. My passion for travelling comes from my parents. As a child I have enjoyed traveling and camping throughout Europe. In the past few years I have started to travel to new and exciting destinations, including a three week road trip through the south-west of the United States and a one year solo backpacking trip through Australia and New Zealand. During these trips I learned a lot about other cultures and countries but I realized (which made me realize?) there was so much more to experience and to learn. That is (one of the reasons?) why I choose to study Tourism Management at InHolland University.

I am now a second year Tourism Management student and I am very happy with my choice to pursue this study. I really enjoy the classes and during the last two years I learned English at a higher level than required. I choose to do this because I wanted to challenge myself. Besides Dutch and English I also speak German an a little bit of French. As part of the study Tourism Management I also learnt (started to learn?) Spanish. I also decided to take an extra course to gain extra qualifications and improve my knowledge about countries and their tourism attractions. I finished this course with a very high grade (9,1 out of 10).

Because I have travelled a lot through Europe and English speaking countries I want to challenge myself by studying abroad in a country that doesn’t have English as a native language and also has a complete different culture than the countries I have been to. When I heard about the possibility to study in Mexico I immediately loved the idea. When I told my friends and family about my plans they were not as enthusiastic, because they had a negative view of this country, which only made me want to go even more to see what Mexico is really like. Of course I also want to improve my Spanish but most of all I choose to study at the CETYS University because of the classes (courses?) that are offered, because they fit well with my current classes, my interests and my future career.

I believe I have the capabilities and motivation to study at the CETYS University of Mexico. I am a keen student who is really interested to learn more about tourism, marketing and the Mexican culture.

Yours sincerely,

Alvast bedankt voor het lezen en alle feedback is welkom!
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